the only limitation in the use of Investt, is your imagination...

Investt provides a formidable array of analytic capabilities and power. Unmatched user optionalities, to provide exactly what you want.

There is virtually no analysis the user cannot perform with this software. If we dont already have it, we will build it for you. Or you can simply plug and play your own analytics into the System, which is endlessly extensible.

We provide an extensive and constantly expanding set of fundamental and technical methods, all fully customizable. From a uniquely adjustable Discount Model, to Residual Income Model, an Imputed Value Model, Relative Value Analysis model, Multiples Analysis, Composite Analysis, Financial Risk Models, a Momentum Model, a Cash Flow Internal Rate of Return Model, and so on. One of the most extensive sets of Technical tools anywhere.

An infinitely adjustable Graphics module, where literally anything can be displayed from financial data to economic to technical data, in any format the user wants. You have complete control of the Graphics.

No analytics are canned, customize exactly as you want. Any proprietary analytics of the client, can simply be plugged into Investt, and will only be usable and visible to that client. At the same time its usefulness will be greatly enhanced, as it seamlessly interacts with all the other capabilities of Investt. Eg use your private analytics in conjunction with our Graphics or Screening modules...

Apply any Analytics to any asset type, from any exchange, anywhere in the world. Investt can import data from any client designated data provider, worldwide, including multiple data sources, that also encompass your own in-house data, and can compare line items from different data sources, and integrate the data or keep the sources separate, and prioritize their use, in the way you want.

This flexible, open-ended, constantly expanding analytic platform, provides for all the user's analytic needs in a SINGLE user-friendly environment. There is no need to subscribe and work with the conflicting protocols of multiple systems, that dont talk to each other, and are not designed to work together.