Extensive range of fundamental analysis models

Investt provides an extensive range of fundamental analysis models, such as Multifactor Discount model, Residual Income model, Economic Value Added model, Imputed Value model, Relative Value Analysis, Earnings Quality, Financial Risk Analysis, Momentum model, CFIRR model, Multiples Analysis, Composite Value, etc.

Full range of technical analysis tools

Investt includes a full range of technical analysis tools, from Accumulation Distribution to Williams % R, and everything in-between, and is constantly expanding. Each tool has its own set of user-defined inputs, making them all completely customizable.

Open-ended Screening

One of the most powerful Screening tools available. Screen for whatever you like, the more complex the better! Screening is open-ended, there are virtually no limitations!

Run screens of investment legends

Screen for those stocks the truly great masters of investment would have considered for purchase/sale, eg Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet, Joel Greenblatt, etc.

Run screens of recognised experts

Use the experience and selection methodologies of experts, to filter out stocks they would consider buying and selling

Real world simulation features

Investt includes real-world simulation features, with complete back-testing options and detailed diagnostics.

Outstanding graphics

An outstanding fully customizable graphics package covers all varieties and choices for display.

Seamless integration Possibilities

Investt can be seamlessly integrated with any data source or multiple data sources. Data sources can be prioritized and the user can also specify when to use combinations of data from different data sources.

Create line items

The user can create line items, for example, create your own definitions for EPS, and use these together with standard definitions of EPS anywhere in the system.

Create complex formulas

Complex formulas may be created by the user, applicable to any required analysis.

Open to extension

Using your proprietary analytics and plug and play, you can enhance your methods with a vast array of tools and capabilities within Investt, eg indexing, graphics, screens, thereby greatly improving the usefulness of your proprietary analytics, which can work seamlessly with those of Investt. Add substantial value to proprietary analytics.

Especially for the investment world

Unlike Excel, Investt is built specifically for the investment community, making it far easier to use to achieve certain end goals. Furthermore, data can easily be exported from Excel to Investt and vice versa.

Index options

Indexes may be created from a choice of index types, for any line items.

Full breadth analysis

Investt offers full breadth analysis for any chosen set of companies.

Customized reports

Customize your Reports in the way you want.

Customized Chartbooks

Chartbooks may be customized from any data for distribution to clients.

Scheduled analytics

Run your analytics whenever you like, 24/7, with the Scheduler, without the need to be there

Analytic Services

Instead of running analytics yourself, you can simply request whatever you want, (from Screens to Methods to Graphic output), which Investt will automatically generate, and upload to our ftp site, or email directly to you.

Programming Services

Investt, as experts in financial data and all things related to investment, offers programming services, exclusively to the investment community. Any proprietary analytics can be programmed into the Investt platform, which then becomes available and visible only to you, the client. These proprietary analytics can interact with all the other capabilities of Investt, thereby greatly extending their functionality.

Data science services

We have experts in the field of data science and can assist in the understanding of truly massive quantities of data.

Extendible open platform

Investt is an extendible open platform, constantly being upgraded with new analytics, both from within the company and other developers. Anything required that is not readily available, is easily added.