Any time-series can be displayed in a number of graphical formats, from bar to line to point and figure charts. You have complete control over the look and feel and content of a chart. From the colours and type of line to be drawn, to log and arithmetic scaling, to the no of frames on the chart, assignment of left and right axis, and so on.

This means you can display any time series, including all of the approximate 1300 financial line items per company. For instance, in frame one you could display the price of a company together with its triangular moving average double smoothed with volume and a relative strength index, frame two could show the rate of change of earnings of a number of different companies all based to zero, and the p/e relative, and in frame three you could display the discount model's values for a company compared to its price, and the debt/equity ratio.

Essentially there are no limits as to what can be displayed graphically.